Law @ Brasenose, Oxford in 2018

Interview format

2x 20 min interviews, a day apart

Interview content

Interview 1: pre-read case file discussed, discussion in German; Interview 2: pre-read case file discussed

Best preparation

Practice papers

Advice in hindsight


Final thoughts

Be familiar with basic ideas about law if you can, enjoy the experience.

Remember this advice isn't official. There is no guarantee it will reflect your experience because university applications can change between years. Check the official Cambridge and Oxford websites for more accurate information on this year's application format and the required tests.

Also, someone else's experience may not reflect your own. Most interviews are more like conversations than tests and like, any conversation, they are quite interactive.

Interview Format

Test taken: LNAT

Number of interviews: 2

Skype interview: No

Time between each interview: 1 day

Length of interviews: 20 minutes each

What happened in your interview? How did you feel?

Before each interview, I was given a case file written by a senior judge to read in 30 minutes. The questions in the interview were based on my understanding of this document. They were things like "What do you think about this decision?", "Why did Lord x say this?", "What would be a possible defence for y in this situation?", "What if this fact changes?". This part of the interview was quite intense but the interviewers aren’t trying to intimidate, they’re just trying to elicit deeper responses from you and see the extent of your understanding.

Because I was one of the candidates for law and German law, my first interview ended with a short conversation in German to test the language skills. The conversation was fairly basic in level, about equivalent to A level standard. They asked why I liked to learn German in particular, if I had ever been to Germany, and then saw me out.

How did you prepare?

I used practice papers, attended helpful sessions in sixth form and wrote some practice essays.

What advice do you have for future applicants?

Looking back, what advice would you give to your past self?

You can’t really prepare for interviews but you can try to practice. See if subject teachers at your sixth form are willing to give you practice interviews. Read introductions to law if you haven’t already - you don’t have to know anything crazy for the interview but it might help to be familiar with some ideas.

Try to enjoy the interview! Easier said than done but try to take them kind of lightly - you got to this stage so you deserve it!! Don’t pay attention to what others have said about their interviews - you can never tell or predict what the interviewers are thinking so there’s no point stressing yourself out!

Have a nice few days in Oxford, meet some pals, get ice cream from G&Ds. It’s great!!