Our mission is to provide trustworthy application advice that we wish we'd had

Figuring out university applications whilst studying is a pain. It’s unfair that some people have to do this alone, and others have help. That's why we aim to offer concise, reliable information from recent or current students.






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Meet the team

Our team is currently spread across Oxford, Cambridge, and London. You can find out more about each person by hovering/tapping on their image.

Central Team

The Central Team is comprised of key members who lead each part of InsideUni, helping to maintain our projects in Oxbridge, and setting our direction on a national level. Tommy, our CEO, works to set our national direction, while the President and Vice-President oversee the running of InsideUni in Oxford and Cambridge.

Tommy Gale

Tommy graduated from HSPS in Cambridge and now works in London as a social worker. He co-founded InsideUni in 2018 and is now working part time as our Chair.

Ellie Cassidy

Ellie is InsideUni's CEO. She began her journey with InsideUni as a website user and then as a volunteer in the content and outreach teams. She coordinates everything we do on a daily basis.

Charlotte Gleed

Charlotte studies History at Oxford. She is the President for InsideUni in Oxbridge, which involves getting the project out to as many prospective applicants as possible and making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day-to-day.

Seren Ford
Head of Content

Seren is a PhD student at Oxford and has been volunteering since 2020 for InsideUni. As Head of Content she makes sure all the content on our website is as good as it can be!

Content Team

Our Content Team is responsible for curating the crowdsourced written guides, blog posts, and the crowdsourced database of student interview experiences on the InsideUni website. They also help to create our video content, which we launched last summer, and help manage our social media platforms. They work closely with the Head of Content and our wider team of volunteers who help write and edit content.

Eleanor Lam
Written Content Team Member

Eleanor is a student at Oxford and helps to coordinate our content, including writing blogs and moderating interview testimonies.

Sophie Wrigglesworth
Written Content Team Member

Sophie is a second year modern languages student at Cambridge. She is part of the Written Content Team, helping to write, edit and publish content on our website.

Tu Duong
Written Content Team Member

Tu is a first year Education student at Churchill College. As an international student she is looking forwards to sharing her experiences and advice of applying to Cambridge.

Faye Roberts
Written Content Team Member

Faye is a history student at Keble College. Hailing from Liverpool, she is excited to share her experiences of applying from an underrepresented area and supporting other young people to get to Oxbridge.

Joy Magomba
Video Content Team Member

Joy is a first year law student at Cambridge and is part of our video team, making amazing videos for our social media and YouTube platforms.

Olivia O'Neill
Video Content Team Member

Olivia is a fourth year Modern Languages student at Cambridge and is part of our video team, making amazing videos for our social media and YouTube platforms.

Outreach Team

The Outreach Team works to spread awareness of InsideUni within Oxford, Cambridge, and to prospective applicants across the UK and even further. This includes recruiting thousands of student contributors, nurturing our campus communities through running events and collaborating with student societies, and making sure applicants know about our website. This has included social media, press campaigns – such as our feature in The Guardian in 2020! – and other projects at the regional level.

Outreach Team Member

Clara is a first year Education student at Cambridge and is really excited to help young people's aspirations towards university and show that Oxbridge can be 'for them'.

Theodore Siri
Outreach Team Member

Theodore is a first year History and Politics student at Oxford and is joining with an 'inreach' focus to build our student community in Oxford.

Ola Kawonczyk
Outreach Team Member

Ola is a second year Law student at Oxford who's very keen to improve access to Oxbridge for underprivileged state school students.

Simon Pech
Outreach Team Member

Simon is a Natural Sciences student at Cambridge, and brings experience of applying from an international background.

Harsimran Kundi
Outreach Team Member

Harsimran is a Biomedical Sciences student at Oxford who helps out with various outreach projects.

Product Team

Our product team is responsible for developing our website and platforms for editing content. Our website is coded entirely in-house, meaning we can be flexible and innovative in thinking about how we can shape our website to best help applicants.

We are recruiting for our product team! If you have a couple of hours a week spare, and would like to write code for a website receiving thousands of views per month, fill out this form.

Oscar Katz
Software Engineer

Oscar graduated from St Andrews in 2022. He works maintaining and improving the website backend.

Chelsea Crawford
Product Team Member

Chelsea is a third-year Computer Science student at Oxford. She helps to coordinate team members and launch recruitment campaigns.

Project Advisors

Our Project Advisors are all former team members who come together and offer insights and support to our current committee on a regular basis. They all have expertise in certain areas of the project, and we love that former team members can bring their knowledge and ideas to the project even after they leave as a volunteer!

Akil Hashmi

Akil studied Engineering at Cambridge and started the project in 2018 with Tommy. He now works in tech in Australia and advises InsideUni.

Peter Wallich
Project Advisor

Peter studied PPE at Oxford and founded the Oxford branch of InsideUni.

Finn Manders
Project Advisor

Finn studied History at Cambridge and now works in access and widening participation.

Ruth Moss
Project Advisor

Ruth studied History at Cambridge and was involved in InsideUni in its very early days! She now works in access and widening participation in Cambridge.

Tom Flatters
Project Advisor

Tom recently graduated from Oxford where he studied Materials Science. He remains on hand to advise the Product Team using his extensive experience in tech and web development.

Daniel Gibson
Project Advisor - Product

Dan was Head of Product in 2022/23 and provides advice relating to our website and tech!

Natalie Thompson
Project Advisor

Natalie was the Vice-President of InsideUni and also the Head of Content. She brings expertise in what makes great content, and now works in access and participation after graduating from Cambridge in 2022.

Matilda Trueblood
Project Advisor - Impact

Matilda was Head of Impact in 2022/23 and is an Oxford graduate now training to be a solicitor.

Cheryl Kwok
Project Advisor

Cheryl is currently a Master's student in Education in Arts & Cultural Settings at King’s College London, having previously studied Music at Cambridge.

Julia Duddy
Project Advisor

Julia graduated from Oxford in 2021. She was formerly InsideUni's Head of Social Media.

Helena Rodgers
Project Advisor

Helena was heavily involved in the founding of InsideUni Oxford in 2019.

Tami Briggs
Project Advisor

Tami is in her final year studying HSPS at Cambridge. She was formerly the Head of Video Content at InsideUni and coordinated our series of Live Q&As during Summer 2020.

Bez Adeosun
Project Advisor

Bez graduated from Cambridge in 2019 and now works in London. He advises InsideUni on impact measurement and how we can best collect feedback from website users in order to improve the project.

Olivia Adams
Project Advisor

Olivia studies Experimental Psychology at Oxford and previously managed InsideUni's social media accounts.

Dan Webb
Project Advisor

Dan graduated from Cambridge in 2021, where he studied Law. He was previously the Head of Engagement for InsideUni's Cambridge team.

Our story

InsideUni is a non-profit, student-led project making university applicants more accessible for everyone. We publicly launched in September 2018 in Cambridge, and launched in Oxford in October 2019 following our success in Cambridge. Since then, we have grown from a team of just three founding students, to over 40 team members, and 3,000 student contributors.

We started by crowdsourcing interview experiences, as that’s the least well documented part of the Oxford/Cambridge application process. By crowdsourcing these experiences from students and then editing them to explain terminology and bust any myths, we are able to provide unique outlooks that are accessible for students everywhere. You can find our database of interview experiences under the Interviews tab at the top of this page.

Next, we moved onto broad subject guides, and now offer written guides on choosing a course, sitting the admissions test, and general resources like our guide for international students and on accessing welfare support at Oxbridge. In 2021, we launched the InsideUni blog. You can find all of these under the Guides and Blog tabs at the top of this page.

In April 2020, we began a series of live online video Q&As with students from both Oxford and Cambridge. More recently, we have been posting short videos on YouTube (linked at the bottom of the page) and we’re looking forwards to expanding this content in the coming months.

Get in touch

You can reach out to the team through our social media (linked at the bottom of the page) or you can email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you!