Interview Insights: Oxford

Here's our database of first-hand student interview experiences. You can also watch students talk about other aspects of university in our student videos.

History and Economics

Balliol (2013)

In my history interview, the discussion was centred on the essay I had sent in as an example of my …

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Pembroke (2016)

My first interview had a relaxed start, where I was asked about what GCSEs I had enjoyed studying a…

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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

St Catherine's (2016)

Economics Interview We talked first about a book from my personal statement (an introductory questi…

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Wadham (2018)

My first interview, at Wadham College, started with a question about something I mentioned on my pe…

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St Catherine's (2017)

The interviewers were nice but I was very nervous so I answered questions quickly, giving the wrong…

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Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Pembroke (2017)

In my first interview, I was asked why I was interested in PPE and philosophy in particular. There …

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* Despite interviews being online this year, the experiences and advice from previous years will still be relevant.