Economics @ Emmanuel, Cambridge in 2016

Interview format

2x interviews (20 mins each)

Interview content

First interview: personal statement, macroeconomics article; Second interview: maths questions, personal statement

Best preparation

Reading previous interview accounts; mock interview

Final thoughts


Remember this advice isn't official. There is no guarantee it will reflect your experience because university applications can change between years. Check the official Cambridge and Oxford websites for more accurate information on this year's application format and the required tests.

Also, someone else's experience may not reflect your own. Most interviews are more like conversations than tests and like, any conversation, they are quite interactive.

Interview Format

2 interviews, 20 mins each

What happened in your interview? How did you feel?

1st interview - talked about personal statement and an article on macroeconomy.

2nd interview - asked maths questions and a few more questions on personal statement.

Interview much more like a chat than the interrogative process I expected.

How did you prepare?

Used The Student Room to find previous people's accounts of their interview experience and my school helped organise a mock interview which I asked to be on an article (since in my invitation I was told I'd have an interview discussing an article). Luckily the article in the mock was remarkably similar so encourage teachers to expect the ordinary - just because it's a Cambridge interview doesn't mean it will be left of field.

Looking back, what advice would you give to your past self?