Studying Maths at Oxbridge

Video series: Live Q&As with students


Current students explain what Maths is like at university!


We spoke to Dr Tom Crawford (Oxford tutor, mathematician, and YouTuber) and the student Presidents of both universities' Maths societies about maths at school vs Oxbridge.

Make sure to visit Tom's award winning website ( and YouTube channel ( for an thought-provoking and entertaining take on maths. You can find more about both universities' Maths societies via their websites: Archimedeans (Cambridge, and Invariants (Oxford,

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:12 - Introduction to event
00:00:34 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:01:44 - Introduction to panel members

00:05:48 - Introduction to Section 1: Why Mathematics at Oxford or Cambridge?
00:06:01 - Why Cambridge?
0:07:16 - Why Oxford?

00:07:40 - Introduction to Section 2: Pre-submitted/ Live Questions
00:08:06 - Tom talk to us about your Mathematics Youtube Channel (Tomrocksmaths) ?
00:14:46- How did you prepare for Admissions tests? (STEP for Cambridge and Maths Admissions Test for Oxford?)
00:21:21 - What did you apply to study just Mathematics as opposed to a joint degree such as Mathematics and Computer science?
00:23:12 - What do admissions tutors look for in students during the application process?
00:28:07 - Tips for interviews (From current students)?
00:31:50 - What kind of preparation would you recommend for interviews as opposed to the entrance exams?
00:35:15 - What is it actually like studying at Oxbridge? What is the main difference between Maths at school vs Maths at University?
00:39:30 - What is a typical day at Oxford for you?
00:40:52 - Explain what Tutorials/Supervisions are? What usually happens in them?
00:44:03 - What is First Year like at Oxford and Cambridge? What modules do you study?
00:47:59 - What do students do after a Maths degree?
00:52:08 - What is one piece of advice you would give to prospective students?

Book recommendations.
Towards Higher Mathematics By Richard Earl (
A Concise Introduction to Pure Mathematics By Martin Libeck (
The Infinitely Large Napkin by Evan Chen (
Advanced Problems in Mathematics by Stephen Siklos (
Milennium Problems by Keith Devlin (
Seventeen Equations that Changed the World by Ian Stewart (