Studying During a Pandemic

Video series: Live Q&As with students


How has the pandemic changed the university experience?


Current university students answer your questions about the additional challenges of studying during a pandemic.

⭐ Panellists:
George (History, Cambridge)
Peter (PPE, Oxford)
Amarachi (Medicine, Oxford)
Erona (PPE, King's College London)
Asha (History, Edinburgh)
Aryan (PPE, Warwick)

00:00:10 - Introduction
00:00:20 - Introduction to InsideUni
00:00:39 - Introduction to Project Access
00:01:05 - Introduction to event

00:01:45 - Introduction to panellists

00:05:14 - Introduction to Section 1: Pre-submitted Questions
00:05:41 – How did you find studying from home?
00:08:51 - Do you find that having a daily routine helps when studying from home?
00:10:28 - How do you find books or articles online?
00:11:59 - How can you create a good workspace when working from home?
00:15:36 - How will incoming students find friends, given that there are very few in-person events?
00:21:09 - Do you have any tips for helping students stay motivated when they aren’t physically going to lectures and classes?
00:27:35 - How can you avoid distractions when using a laptop or phone for studying?
00:30:44 - During term time, do you typically study on weekends too?
00:37:28 - How can you look after your mental health during this time?
00:42:45 - Have you had any experience of remote internships or similar, and did you feel the experience was as fulfilling as an in-person internship?
00:50:03 - How can applicants choose universities without going to open days, and what factors are important to consider when looking at university websites and prospectuses?
00:54:11 - What sort of things can applicants include in a personal statement if they haven’t been able to get work experience or attend summer schools, etc?

00:57:25 - Introduction to Section 2: One piece of advice to students preparing for the upcoming academic year

01:01:38 – Conclusion/thanks/closing

Things mentioned:
Notion -
Learn Better at Home -
Pomodoro technique -
80,000 hours -