Theology and Religion

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Theology is the study of religions and the nature of God. It includes studying individual religions, scriptural languages, sacred texts and religious concepts.

Application Resources

Here are some general resources related to Theology and Religion. These should be a useful introduction, regardless of which Theology and Religion related course you’re interested in and where you might want to study it.


Have a look at these books to get some insight into the key issues you will be looking at as part of a religion and theology degree. Take notes as you read, and follow up anything you find interesting. Try and pay attention to the way the authors make their case, and engage critically with what they’re saying. This is useful as it will broaden your perspective as to what studying theology might be like, as well as giving you a chance to think critically - something which can come in useful as part of the admissions process (e.g. examples in personal statement, conversation at interview).

‘An Introduction to Philosophy of Religion’ by Brian Davies - this book is, as suggested, an excellent introduction to the area of philosophy of religion.

‘Reading the New Testament: Methods of Interpretation’ by Christopher M. Tuckett’s - an
excellent introduction to approaching the New Testament and the life of Jesus.

‘After Virtue’ by Alasdair MacIntyre - on ethics

‘Creation’ by David Fergusson on the question of God

‘God's Agents: Biblical Publicity in Contemporary England’ by Matthew Eric Engelke - on Sociology of Religion

Videos, Lectures and Podcasts

Videos are an easy way to get thinking about religion and theology. Take notes as you go and follow up anything that the videos make you think about - via Google, linked videos or connecting ideas with reading you’ve previously done. This process of making connections is good for your thinking skills, which will help with the application process - both as something you can evidence in your personal statement, and which will come across in interviews.

Crash Course Philosophy 🔗 This has many helpful religious/ethical episodes for a wider contextual understanding.

Religion For Breakfast 🔗 🌟 Try a few of these videos for a broader understanding of world religions.

Oxford Theology podcasts 🔗 A huge range of episodes by academics at the University of Oxford, covering multiple world religions.

Cranmer Hall podcasts 🔗 These episodes cover a variety of theological, ethical and philosophical topics.