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A vocational but universally-useful course which allows students to see law in its historical and social contexts.

Course Resources

Here are some general resources related to Law.


Overview πŸ”— This is the Law section of the University undergraduate prospectus. The most important information about the course is here, including entry requirements, course structure, and prerequisites.

Faculty website πŸ”— This is the official Faculty webpage for prospective undergraduates, which links to various resources. The most important of them is the guide for prospective undergraduate students πŸ”— 🌟, which gives a general overview of what studying Law at Cambridge is like.

Unofficial Prospectus πŸ”— This is an unofficial prospectus put together by the Cambridge University Student Union; it’s written based on students’ perspectives and gives a better sense of what the day-to-day experience as a Law student is like, compared to official materials.

More things to explore

Studying Law at Trinity College, Cambridge πŸ”— 🌟 A great interview with Dr Benjamin Spagnolo from the Faculty of Law - useful whether or not you're considering applying to Trinity!

The Law Students' Guide πŸ”— 🌟 Two Cambridge Law graduates have contributed to this free book about applying to law; being successful at university; and subsequently getting a training contract.

Think Cambridge Law πŸ”— 🌟 A blog for prospective Law students. Weekly articles explore topics ranging from admissions and events, to career pathways and student experiences.

CambTweet Law πŸ”— 🌟 Follow the daily life of a current Cambridge Law student through this Twitter account!

Email your questions to [email protected] - they will be answered by current Cambridge Law students!

Application Resources

Resources and books suggested by the Faculty of Law πŸ”— This list of resources put together by the Law faculty

Information about the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT) πŸ”— 🌟 If you apply to do Law at Cambridge you will have to take the LNAT πŸ”— - information about the test and the bursary scheme for the LNAT fee can be found here.

InsideUni Law interview experiences πŸ”— 🌟 Current students talk about their interview experience, as well as sharing some tips. We’re biased, but we think they’re useful!